Thursday, November 26, 2009

TSCF Student Leadership Conference 2009

16-22 November 2009, Paraparaumu

On the Monday 16th November, 1o brave knights:
Daniel, Eugene, Jono, Masa, Ian, Pam, Elda, Olivia, Yvonne and Yongying embarked on a journey to a land of far far beyond.

Most of us rode bareback on horses, erhem, i mean cars.
Jono, Masa and Eugene were our drivers.

But the bravest knights of all was Matthew, who joined MUCFer walked there 3 days prior.

He is our pride and joy! "Lazy and lovin' it"

Along with hundreds of other student leaders, we ate together.

We prayed together.

And we dug deep into Peter1 together,
through manuscript studies, talks, discussions, etc..

As the rest of the knights, Esther, Cyril and Naichen joined along,
we went for icecream at Lyndale.
This was our team!

Kapiti Icrecream: Waarh!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Mooncake Festival

We had dinner outside the Marsden foyer before the festival.

We invaded Marsden lecture theatre (:

Michael short sharing on
"Thy word is the lamp onto my feet, and the light onto my path"

After Michael's sharing we watched the movie "Fireproof"

Homemade mooncake by Michael Loh (:

Our attempt of making Naichen into a lantern tree..

Group photo with our lanterns.. (:

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Saturday, August 08, 2009

Wellington trip - Cultural Marketplace

Camp Chica 08-09/08/2009

08-09 August 2009

We looked into the bible..
and what the bible teaches us about Self Esteem and Love.

Our speaker Janeen and Mery (:

Throughout the weekend, us 30 girls filled the house with laughters...

We baked together..

..painted canvas..

..painted nails for each other.. books..and the bible too..

..played games..

..slept together..

..had long talks..

..and took heaps of crazy photos..

..frosty morning..

..our attempt on hitch hiking..

PNOCF girls group photo (:

Friday, October 17, 2008

AGM/Pajamas Party

Tonight was the night we celebrate the welcoming of our new OCF leaders and also the appreciation to those who had contributed in making OCF such a success the past year.

Alot of people came..
Can u find your shoes?

We wore our pajammas

and geared up with our favorite stuff toys

The chaplaincy was nicely decorated with sleeping bags, bean bags, cute bedsheets and of course, crowded with soft toys here and there.

Our sister group, WICF (Wellington International Christians Fellowship), came all the way up to Palmy to join us in our celebration. We started our night off with games (using sleeping bags haha!), we sing, and then we started our annual general meeting.

Presenting our leaders..

Esther, Michelle, Naichen and Yy.

And our new leaders
Matt Daniel Eugene John and Anne, playing a game lead by Jess(from left)

Then we gave out presents for those that helped feed hungry stomachs over the year.

Finished off by an appreciation to our most important person
-- Michael Loh --
aka THE legend
Thank you, from us all..

AGM 2008